Here are some Biblical research resources that we believe you will find helpful. Enjoy!

Bible Summarization by Kyle Echternacht

This document provides a basic background for every book of the Bible. Kyle distilled information from a variety of resources to give you, the reader, a general overview of each book.

Bible Summarization

Stewardship in Giving and Receiving by Will Barlow

This document is a research paper that addresses the basics of giving in the modern church. Should believers in the modern church consider their gifts to the church a “tithe”? Are believers obligated to give a certain proportion to the church? These questions, and more, are answered in this paper.

Stewardship in Giving and Receiving

Websites by SDF Contributors

Here is a list of websites we believe can further help the spiritual development of the Body of Christ:

Freedom Life Light

Freedom Life Light is a website run by Gene Slavit along with his wife, Sherry. Drop by to see their insightful articles and practical wisdom on how to live God’s Word.

Jerry Wierwille

Jerry Wierwille has his own website, which offers everything from biblical research articles to devotions to music. Head on over to see what you can learn and apply from the Bible.